Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox interacts lethally with coda filesystem

On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 7:20 AM, <shivers ccs neu edu> wrote:

> I am running rhythmbox on an AMD64 ubuntu 7.10 system. I'm also using
> the coda network filesystem. The two don't get along.
> Coda is a network filesystem that supports disconnected operation.
> It is like AFS, except that you may continue to do operations on
> the filesystem if your computer is off the net (e.g., using your
> notebook on an airplane). After you reconnect, the coda client resyncs
> to the server. You typically mount the coda fs on /coda.
> If I have rhythmbox running, as soon at I start up coda, it greys out, puts

What does "greys out" mean?

> "coda" under the "devices" heading in the left pane, and then... goes away.
> Strace shows that it is wandering over the coda filesystem, very laboriously
> and slowly. My cpu meter pegs at 100% for the roughly hour or so that it takes
> rhythmbox to crawl my 2.5 Gb filesystem (which seems like a long time to cover
> a couple of thousand files, *none* of which end in .flac or .mp3 or are
> otherwise recognisably music files). After that, the cpu meter reverts back to
> normal, but rhythmbox continues to stay catatonic.
> Now, the first thing I can't figure out is why rhythmbox is exploring /coda in
> the first place. What is giving rhythmbox license to just go chasing down some
> random part of my computer's file tree? From the fact that "coda" appears
> under "devices," it appears that rhythmbox believes, for some reason, that my
> /coda mount is a device, e.g., like an ipod mount. But why?

Probably because it looks like an ipod, or some other digital audio
player device.

> To discard some possibilities for the lossage:
> - that I have *no* plugins turned on.

Unless you've gone through gconf and disabled everything under
/apps/rhythmbox/plugins/, you still have some plugins enabled. In
particular, the generic audio player plugin, which is probably
deciding that your coda filesystem looks like a device it supports.
Running 'rhythmbox -D generic' in a terminal might provide some useful

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