[Rhythmbox-devel] DAAP refreshing patch

Hi all,

A while back I put together a patch that impliments DAAP share refreshing. It
checks the revision number, and if changed, finds the diff from the previous
update. To do this I added a diff list to the RBDAAPPlaylist struct, which
is now used to add or remove songs from the DAAP source.

I wasn't able to get much feedback to this approach from IRC, so hopefully
someone can chime in here. I have been using this patch for a few weeks now
with no adverse effects.

I have however found an issue with the Rhythmbox DAAP sharing implimentation.
It seems that the DB revision number is not incrimented when songs are
removed. I am going to take a look at fixing this next.

bug report:

latest patch:

Thanks for any feedback,
Lee Aylward

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