[Rhythmbox-devel] Work on libdmapsharing

I have done some work adding server support to libdmapsharing. As I said in a previous email (Subj.: Questions regarding DAAP library split), I am interested in a DMAP client / server library for C.

libdmapsharing-new-libsoup [1] Adds support for libsoup-2.24.

libdmapsharing-server [2] This one is still quite rough. It adds server code (mostly from Rhythmbox trunk) to the library. The test program at tests/test_dmap_server.c demonstrates how to use the server code. I would like to define an interface that applications could implement. However, it seems that, e.g., Rhythmbox would not want its database code to implement an interface that is defined by the dependency of an optional plugin. Because I am not sure where to define the interface, I have used a more primitive technique for the time being (i.e., a struct containing function pointers that need to be implemented / set in the application code). Does anyone have a good solution to this?

Would the Rhythmbox developers be interested in pulling Rhythmbox's DAAP code out and replacing it with this library (once it is complete)? This library was originally based on Rhythmbox.



[1] http://www.flyn.org/patches/libdmapsharing-server/libdmapsharing- new-libsoup-1.patch.gz [2] http://www.flyn.org/patches/libdmapsharing-server/libdmapsharing- server-0.patch.gz

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