Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] List entry_types in the rhythmdb

On Sat, Dec 06, 2008 at 08:49:37AM +0100, Endre Oma wrote:
> Jonathan Matthew wrote:
>> On Fri, Dec 05, 2008 at 08:01:42PM +0100, Endre Oma wrote:
>>> Hi, I'm new to the list.
>>> I'm new to plugin developing in rhythmbox, but has gotten a somewhat  
>>> grip on the queries.
>>> My question is: How do I list or request the types os entries in the  
>>> current db? Specifically those that come from a removable media 
>>> source.
>> There is no way to do this currently.  What are you trying to do in your
>> plugin?  It might be easier to find the source you're interested in
>> using the source list, then get the entry type using the source's
>> 'entry-type' property.
> I'm trying to find which podcasts that exist on the removable media. By  
> looking up the podcasters artist and album and then trying to find those  
> attributes on the removable media, I hope there is some way of  
> administering those files on the removable media. The specific usage is  
> uploading and deletion of tracks.

To do this, I think you'd be best off identifying the target source
through user interaction, perhaps by adding an item to the popup menu
for the source.  It's probably difficult to find suitable sources by
looking through the source list.

You might have some difficulty matching up entries in the removable
media source with podcast episodes, as the data for the podcast episode
entry is taken from the podcast feed while the album/artist/title data
for the entry on the removable media will be read from the tags in the
file.  These are often completely different.  I'm not sure if there's a
good solution to this..

Transferring entries to a removable device is easy enough - pass a list
of RhythmDBEntry objects to rb_source_paste.  Deleting entries is
slightly uglier at the moment.  You'd need to change the selection
in the source's entry view, then call rb_source_delete.  Something like

delete_entry_from_source (RBSource *source, RhythmDBEntry *entry)
  RBEntryView *view;

  view = rb_source_get_entry_view (source);
  rb_entry_view_select_none (view);
  rb_entry_view_select_entry (view, entry);

  rb_source_delete (source);

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