[Rhythmbox-devel] force transcode to change bitrate for mobile devices


I didn't find answer to this from bugzilla, mailing list or google...
How to force mp3 bitrate change when copying stuff to memory stick /
usb player?

I got it done if I used the .is_audio_player -file and specified the
device as ogg player. But if I specified it as mpeg -device, it just
copies the mp3, not changing the bitrate. Even I changed the import
format in preferences to have gstreamer do 128 bitrate mp3.

Any hints how to do this? The problem is that some of my music is with
higher bitrate since I listen them through home stereos, but mobile
devices have limited space and sound quality anyway... and I would
like to use rb to control all these, since it's a good app otherwise.

If you find it reasonable, I could make an bug report for it as an
enhancement, but I would like to know if there is already a way I just
didn't find.

My rb is 0.11.5-0ubuntu8 in up to date Ubuntu hardy.

 - ikke

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