[Rhythmbox-devel] Fwd: Barriere Lake Radio Project

Weytk Rhythmbox Developers,

I created this hackish DIY radio automation system using iTunes,
Applescript, an SQLite database, cron. It worked fairly well and
wanted to know if I could put something similar together using
Rhythmbox, or if someone else has already done this?

This is basically how it worked:

1. I stored all of the music in the iTunes music database and had to
make sure that all of the music was tagged properly so that I could
automatically pick songs based on criteria.

2. I then created a schedule database in SQLite that held the days of
the week, hours and genres associated with the hours.

3. To make automatic playlists I then had to write an Applescript [1]
that would interface with the schedule database and iTunes.  The
script picked songs based on the hour, day of the week, and genre.

4. The final step was to schedule this to run every hour.   For this I
used a program called cron [2] that is available in any Unix based OS
including Mac OS X, LInux and FreeBSD.

This system was crude and hackish, but it worked for our purposes, and
enabled us to run our station with very little volunteers.  I was able
to schedule language programming in at certain times of the day, play
Native Solidarity News the following day after a very long download
over dialup.  I also automated the downloading of certain programming
over dialup.


[1] - http://www.apple.com/applescript/
[2] - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vixie_cron

On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 2:54 PM, courtney kirkby
<courtneykirkby gmail com> wrote:
> Hey Neskie,
> We've been thinking more about the details of the project and are trying to
> flesh out the ease of adding a computer component. Did you archive any of
> your content using a computer program, and did you want to/manage to get
> your broadcasts streaming live from the web?

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