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Hi Maximilian,

Yes, RB's cover art plugin is still using AWS for getting cover art. But we could move to API. I think is much better than AWS, it seems that their records/albums DB is larger. For example, there are not cover arts for Russian artists, but it's possible to find them on Because people update DB of every day, because social networks rule.

Here is an API:


Maximilian Schwerin wrote:
Hi all,

I got two questions:

1) Are you still using Amazon Webservices for getting cover art? As far as I understand their license this is not allowed:

-- snip --
5.1.3. You are not permitted to use Amazon Associates Web Service with any
Application or for any use that does not have, as its principal purpose, driving traffic to the Amazon Website and driving sales of products and services on the
Amazon Website.
-- snap --

What is your read on this? I'd like to use AWS in a project of my own but have some reservations due to the license...

2) I tried to find a word about how credit card data is handled when buying from magnatune via rhythmbox. I guess you do all you can to make this safe but I do believe this subject justifies a BIG section in the help files and the FAQ on your webpage explaining what you do to keep the data safe. Not knowing anything about the way you handle the data is a reason not to use it for me...

Keep up the good work! Cheers, Maximilian
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