Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [new plugin] Desktop Art


> Hi Mathias,
> Great idea and good work so far - it works on my desktop with Python 2.5
> and
> Compiz-Fusion.  The only real bug that I noticed is that the
> forward/back/pause icons do not appear, although blank boxes do show up,
> and
> they function as these buttons.  I got this behaviour both with my custom
> icon set (Gion) and the default "Human" set (I'm running Ubuntu Gutsy).

Seems like a bug in librsvg, that have already been fixed in newer
versions of librsvg: It is discussed here:

> Other than that, I hope you don't mind if I make a few suggestions:
> - it'd be nice to have an option to place the display anywhere on the
> desktop.  Mine is pretty cluttered on the left hand side, so even with
> "align_right" selected in, I end up with the writing for
> the album art on top of various icons.

You can move and resize the window using <Alt> + left or middle mouse
button. The vesion in svn will remember the new position when restarting

I am working on a configure dialog.

> - when I hit "show desktop", the album art is hidden - I'm not sure how
> you'd make it stick to the desktop, but it seems like it should.

I'll look into that, I dont think the method I am using to stick the
wondow to the desktop is perfect. I experience annoyances my selves as
well. My program seems to randomly steal focus when there is no other
programs running, breaking desktop switching.

> - when the music is paused, the icon switches to the default Rhythmbox
> logo
> (really nitpicky, but maybe it could display the art of the currently
> selected album?)

Yes, it shoud probably distinguish between 'pause' and 'not playing'.

> Otherwise, I like it!  Looking forward to seeing more of your work,


> Charlotte

- Mathias

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