[Rhythmbox-devel] Source list always visible

I'd like to discuss something about the UI of rhythmbox and more precisely about the sources list.

My problem is this one:
When I play songs, I like to see the album art, and I like to have the queue list availaible for a quick drag and drop.
But do I really need to see the source list while playing some songs?
I, most of the time, chose one source and stay on it for a while. I'd prefer to have the "panel/sidebar" with the sources list hidden most of the time. But if I hide it, then I won't see album art and the queue list. Annoying (to me).
Another problem with having art and queue list plugins in the same sidebar as the sources list is that If you have more than 4 playlists and have last.fm and jamendo and a DAP plugged in (which is pretty common) you have to scroll in the sourcelist.

So why not having one sidebar for the sources (which could be hidden) and one sidebar for stuff like album art, lyrics, last.fm recomandations and so on?
It would make more space in the sources sidebar, and more space in the "plugins" sidebar.
Can't make a mockup right now, but if I'm not clear and you want one, I will make some.

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