Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Hi, some feedback about Rhythmbox

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On 10/31/07, Nitzan Ravhon <asakurax gmail com > wrote:
well, yeah, its only for those who listens to Metal (:
umm i didnt quite understand how to get the support for .
and yeah, Astraweb and Leo's Lyrics are enabled. support has not yet been released; it's currently only available in SVN. I expect it will make it into 0.12, but I'm not sure. Someone else might be able to speak to that better.


On 10/31/07, Andrew Conkling < andrew conkling gmail com > wrote:
On 10/30/07, Nitzan Ravhon <asakurax gmail com> wrote:
with that said, i must say that im a bit disappointed with the lyrics plugin
first of all, the website : has tons of lyrics errors. i found some myself, just one of them is the lyrics of the song "fly" by Blind Guardian.
the plugin also gives a "No lyrics found" error to a lot of songs...
i suggest adding to the search database. its basically only metal lyrics, but its a great website

Haha, not great for those of who don't listen to metal. ;) Support was recently added[1] for, which has received good feedback, from what I recall on the list.

Side note: The nice thing about is that you can just go and fix any mistakes on their site. :)

Also, support is currently in place for Astraweb and Leo's Lyrics; do you have those enabled? It wasn't in Feisty IIRC, so you may want to check your plugin's current configuration.



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