[Rhythmbox-devel] Hi, some feedback about Rhythmbox

first of all, i must say, im using Ubuntu Gutsy, and i think Rhythmbox is one of the best music player there is.
honestly, i think it is way better than Winamp and WMP and Xine

with that said, i must say that im a bit disappointed with the lyrics plugin
first of all, the website :http://lyrc.com.ar/ has tons of lyrics errors. i found some myself, just one of them is the lyrics of the song "fly" by Blind Guardian.
the plugin also gives a "No lyrics found" error to a lot of songs...
i suggest adding www.darklyrics.com to the search database. its basically only metal lyrics, but its a great website
umm come to think of it, the Lyrics plugin cant find any lyrics when i try to disable http://lyrc.com.ar/ . maybe its just a problem with my version, but i remember when i used Ubuntu Fiesty that it found no lyrics.
i would love to see those problems fixed, because i think that the Lyrics plugin is one of the greatest features of Rhythmbox

great thanks


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