Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] MTP playlist support

> > Furthermore, any hints about what bits of the code I should start
> > reading (other than the obvious trunk/plugins/mtpdevice/*)?
> The generic player plugin is probably a good place to start.
> As a first step, you could add read-only support for MTP playlists.
> After loading the songs from the device, you'd then create a static
> playlist object for each playlist on the device, and then load the
> playlists from the device, adding songs to the playlist objects. I
> don't know anything much about libmtp, so I can't tell you exactly how
> to do this.  The MTP source itself would also need some additional
> code for tracking the playlist sources.
> To enable playlist editing, you'd need a new MTP playlist class (like
> the generic player playlist class) that knew how to save itself to the
> device.  The playlist class then just needs to save itself when it
> gets marked dirty.

For what it's worth, the ipod plugin has playlist display/edition
support atm, and has
a patch to add playlist creation/destruction.


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