[Rhythmbox-devel] MTP playlist support

Hi there,

I'm wondering about adding playlist support for MTP devices, which 
currently appears to be unimplemented.  

I have two questions: what is the desired UI for playlists on a remote
device, and how the heck do you go about implementing it?  

At a minimum, it is necessary to be able to create, edit and delete
playlists from the tracks on the MTP device.  But should it also be 
possible to export playlists to the device - if so, presumably it will
be necessary to check what's already on the player, and export only
those songs that aren't already present on the device.

Furthermore, how should "device playlists" be treated?  should they 
appear under "playlists", with a new "device playlist"?  Or should they
be associated with each individual device in some kind of tree display?  
- does the widget you've used on the left support trees?  

Furthermore, any hints about what bits of the code I should start 
reading (other than the obvious trunk/plugins/mtpdevice/*)?

not being able to specify playlists conveniently is annoying me a 
little, so it would be good if I am able to translate my annoyance into
something useful for a lot of rhythmbox users :)


                                           Robert Merkel
                                     robert merkel benambra org

He says there aren't any easy answers.
I say, he's not looking hard enough!
  -- Bart's campaign speech against Martin, ``Lisa's Substitute'',
     (The Simpsons)

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