Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Looking for work

Il giorno mer, 03/10/2007 alle 12.19 +0200, Andreas Hubmer ha scritto:
> Hello,
> At University we have to do a software engineering project in the area 
> of open source. So we ask you, if you have an idea how we could 
> contribute to the Rhythmbox project.
> We are 2 or maybe more students who have good linux development 
> experience. For us it would be important that our work would be a 
> self-contained part of the rhythmbox project.
> Are there any missing features that may be interesting for us to implement?

My personal list of missing/useful to have stuff

* based re-tagger (something like Picard, but integrated
in RB; of course a lot simpler then picard: choose song(s), select Edit
-> Check metadata, present a dialog with proposed changes)

* composer/album artist/comment tags in properties dialog (to add
compose you could need recent CVS gstreamer version)

* print CD cover

* used/free space bar for devices like portable players*

PS of course this is all stuff "inspired" by latest iTunes releases,
sorry, no innovation.

[*] something like:
  Used: 400 MB [********      ] Free: 300 MB      75 songs, 10 misc file

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