Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Recommendations Plugin

Alexandre wrote:
This cache exists in 0.2 and 0.3, but it only keeps track of songs, not artists, and has a limit of 200 songs (i'll probably increase this limit, 130GB is much more then this could hold ;). Maybe it should prevent artists too, but I'm not sure this would be better. Ah, and 0.3 should give you much better results then 0.2. I've been playing with tags, and it gives some interesting results. I wont be able to work on it on the next weeks, but after that I have a lot of ideas to work on. Any ideas are welcome too.

BTW, my rhythmbox crashes for me after a while, and it could be my plugin. If you notice anything like this, let me know.

Yeah, I had a bunch of crashes too, maybe related to your plugin (but I'm not sure about it because I'm using lastrhythm, coverart, ipod, cddb, lirc, radiofm, lirc, and alarm clock too :D ). Anyway, I let rhythmbox play for three nights and it was ok, so I can't say you much.

I'll give a try at your new version plugin, and I'll give you a feedback!

enjoy, ;)

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