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Alexandre wrote:

I've done a plugin to get similar tracks from <> and place the first track availiable in the library in the Play Queue, just like some other players have (I got the idea from Exaile, but Amarok has it too). It has a toolbar button to toggle it on or off, without disabling the plugin (anyone has ideias for the icon? I'm using a gtk stock icon which is not very good). I'm looking for tests and features. It is pretty stable right now, but I would like to add a few more features.

One feature I'll try to add later is to have a source with the song recommendations in it, including songs you dont have in the library (only if there is a way to distinguish between them visually, like colors or icons). It would update dynamically, and it would be possible to select a song from it to play (if availiable, of course). There are a few details to work out before implementing. And an option to select how much songs should be added each time (maybe an option not to add any song when there is one in the queue?).

Any feedback is welcomed.

The link is here:

Alexandre Rosenfeld
Hi Alexandre!

I've found your plugin *really* amazing!!

about improvements, I think you could even start modifying (so that you can integrate it and finish) the lastrhythm plugin, that retrieve song suggestions from

Your plugin works smoothless on my dayly svn compiled rhythmbox, and I think it has a good sex-appeal for rhythmbox newbies :D

Nice work, please do more!

enjoy, ;)

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