Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Recommendations Plugin

Alexandre wrote:
> Hi,
> I've done a plugin to get similar tracks from <>
> and place the first track availiable in the library in the Play Queue,
> just like some other players have (I got the idea from Exaile, but
> Amarok has it too). It has a toolbar button to toggle it on or off,
> without disabling the plugin (anyone has ideias for the icon? I'm
> using a gtk stock icon which is not very good).
> I'm looking for tests and features. It is pretty stable right now, but
> I would like to add a few more features.
> One feature I'll try to add later is to have a source with the song
> recommendations in it, including songs you dont have in the library
> (only if there is a way to distinguish between them visually, like
> colors or icons). It would update dynamically, and it would be
> possible to select a song from it to play (if availiable, of course).
> There are a few details to work out before implementing.
> And an option to select how much songs should be added each time
> (maybe an option not to add any song when there is one in the queue?).
> Any feedback is welcomed.
> The link is here:
> -- 
> Alexandre Rosenfeld 

I can't seem to activate the plugin.  That is to say, RB give me an
error saying that it can't activate it when I select the checkmark next
to it.


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