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> Hi, I'm using rhythmbox and I have a problem with the slider. When I
> scroll it forward, some times the song stop, and some times don't happen
> it. This happen only with mp3. With 0.11.2 this problem happens less
> times, but It happens and it is very uncomfortable because then I must
> to listen the song from the beginning. This problem happens only with
> rhythmbox.

I've come across this myself. I spend most of my time listening to
DAAP-shared music so I had assumed the problem was in remote seeking.
Evidently this is not the case.

On a related issue, one of my Todo items is to write a patch to change
scrolling behaviour completely. Currently it seems counterintuitive to me:

* If you pause for a moment while dragging the cursor Rhythmbox seeks to
that position. This is unexpected to me as I would rather have it wait
until I let go of the mouse button. That would give you time to do finer

* Clicking in the seek bar outside of the slider feels like it should
seek directly to that position, rather than jump 10 seconds in that
direction. VideoLAN has a similar issue, which differs on Windows,
interestingly. Seeking in audio/video seems more useful in WMP / iTunes,
which both seek directly to the clicked position.

I'm not sure if those changes would be appreciated more widely in a
Rhythmbox release, but if not then I will maintain a private patch to
implement that functionality as it feels "right" to me.

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Jay L. T. Cornwall
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