[Rhythmbox-devel] Automatic GStreamer plugin installation


I've just committed support for automatic GStreamer plugin
installation in svn trunk. What does this actually do? When you try to
import, play, or download from a podcast feed a media type for which
you don't have a decoder, rhythmbox will bring up gnome-app-install
(Debian/Ubuntu) or codeina (Fedora) to attempt to install the
GStreamer plugins you need. If the installation is successful,
rhythmbox will then retry whatever you were doing. If not, it won't.
If you don't have a plugin installation tool installed, then this
shouldn't make any difference to you at all.

I've done a reasonable amount of testing, but as ever, we need more
testing on more systems with more media types, and there are probably
things I haven't thought of.

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