Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Repeated files

On 5/29/07, Peter Bach <peter bach mail dk> wrote:
tir, 29 05 2007 kl. 09:37 -0500, skrev Mark Tilford:
> I put my .m3u playlists in the same directory where the corresponding
> files live; as a result, Rhythmbox will list those files, once from
> the initial directory and once from the playlist.

I had the same problem once. But then i just deleted the .m3u files. I
never use them at all anyway.

How do you use the .m3u files? To play them in Totem? Why not just let
Rhythmbox make search for music files?

I use them with other programs.

Side questions:  How does Rhythmbox handle these situations:
1)  A .m3u list directly or indirectly includes itself.
2)  It is searching directory A; in A is a subdirectory B linked to
"." (or "../A/")


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