Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] idle rhythmbox

> > Any chance of a 0.10.1 release with the current work before it gets
> > the dependency on glib 2.14?
> We won't be adding a dependency on glib 2.14.  We'll just use the new
> timeout function if glib 2.14 is available at ./configure time.

How would that work for python plugins like the Magnatune one (which
uses timeouts to decide when to check for a new version of the catalog)?

What sort of times are we talking about? Surely you don't check for
new versions of the catalog on a sub second basis? That call is
designed for things that don't need sub second accuracy so the wakeups
can happen every second. So if you do it by seconds and at a guess it
wouldn't matter if the update ran a bit early or late for something
like a catalog update.


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