[Rhythmbox-devel] idle rhythmbox

Hi All,

The guys at intel have just released a tool called PowerTop
http://www.linuxpowertop.org (announcement to fedora-devel -

Anyway I installed it to play around with and noticed that rhythmbox
was appearing fairly frequently even though it was idle and not
playing (I forgot I even had it running). Something like 6.2% of the
nearly 2500 wakeups in a second (output below).

Anyway, you may well be aware of it, just thought I'd point out the tool.

   PowerTOP version 1.0       (C) 2007 Intel Corporation

Cn          Avg residency (5s)  Long term residency avg
C0 (cpu running)        (32.0%)
C1                0.0ms ( 0.0%)                   0.0ms
C2                0.3ms ( 6.9%)                   1.0ms
C3                0.6ms (61.0%)                   1.7ms

Wakeups-from-idle per second :  2467.0
Power usage (ACPI estimate) :   0.0 W (7800.0 hours left)

Top causes for wakeups:
 26.1%        firefox-bin : schedule_timeout (process_timeout)
 19.3%        <interrupt> : uhci_hcd:usb1, ehci_hcd:usb5
 16.0%        S06cpuspeed : queue_delayed_work_on (delayed_work_timer_fn)
  8.4%        <interrupt> : uhci_hcd:usb2, HDA Intel
  4.8%               Xorg : do_setitimer (it_real_fn)
  3.6%          rhythmbox : do_nanosleep (hrtimer_wakeup)
  3.5%            beagled : schedule_timeout (process_timeout)
  3.2%        <interrupt> : libata
  2.6%          rhythmbox : schedule_timeout (process_timeout)
  2.6%      mixer_applet2 : schedule_timeout (process_timeout)

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