Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Feature request: Autoremoval of podcasts

This sounds nice. How about an option for keeping say 5 of the latest

How about a feature for resuming playback of a podcast? Case: I have a
podcast that is 1 hour long. I listen to it for 20 min. or so, then I
close Rhythmbox or listen to some music. If I want to listen to the same
podcast again, I have to skip, listen, skip and listen until I find the
right resume-spot. iTunes have the resume feature, and the functionality
of it can serve as a reference.

Peter Bach

man, 14 05 2007 kl. 18:26 +0200, skrev ztyx helsingkrona se:
> Hi Rhythmbox developers,
> Here goes a small feature request: Automatic removal of a podcast (file)
> as soon as the user have played it.
> Any comment about this? Is it of interest for others? If I have the time I
> might implement this myself...
> Sunny greetings from Sweden,
> Jens
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