Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] idle rhythmbox

> The guys at intel have just released a tool called PowerTop
> (announcement to fedora-devel -
> )
> Anyway I installed it to play around with and noticed that rhythmbox
> was appearing fairly frequently even though it was idle and not
> playing (I forgot I even had it running). Something like 6.2% of the
> nearly 2500 wakeups in a second (output below).
>    3.6%          rhythmbox : do_nanosleep (hrtimer_wakeup)
>    2.6%          rhythmbox : schedule_timeout (process_timeout)

It would have been more useful getting a proper trace of where this
wakeup comes from. Was Rhythmbox idle or not when you did this?

Not sure how to do the proper trace, sorry. Can try if you can send me
a link to the basics. RB was idle when this was running (ie it was in
the background, in the library, no DAPs connected and no music
playing), in fact it doesn't seem to be any worse when it is playing,
the same threads are creating similar amount of wakeups.

>    2.6%      mixer_applet2 : schedule_timeout (process_timeout)

Yes, saw them linked from the RH BZ wakeup tracking bug.


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