Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] case insensitive artists

Cameron VanNatta wrote:

I hope I'm doing this properly. I've never submitted feedback for any opensource project before. I greatly enjoy the rhythmbox player, but one of my only complaints is that the artists in the artists pane in the is case sensitive. This can cause headaches when I have multiple albums of "Jars of Clay" and "Jars Of Clay" or other similarities. While, I can use id tag editors; it can get tedious modifying the tags when adding to the library.

Could the artists pane be made case insensitive?

Other people have wanted this - its has been discussed on bug Bug 104203 and many other bugs that have been marked as its duplicates.

The current bug title is Bug 104203 – rhythmbox should support Musicbrainz, not some random tag equality heuristic

However, I would say given the nature of a lot of the bugs Colin Walters has marked as duplicated, the current bug title is rather miss-leading.

Perhaps that should be a tracking meta-bug now?

I think RB would do a lot better WITHOUT having to use Musicbrainz, and many of these "duplicates" are independent issues:

White Space Stripping
For example, when parsing tags from files (or indeed when loading an old database) doing white space stripping and removing duplicate spaces:

Bug 126567 – Eliminate redundant blank spaces in names to avoid duplicate names Bug 127769 – Album/Artist name should ignore white space at beginning and end.
Bug 137607 – New Feature: ID3 Tag White Space Stripper

Case insensitive genres
Another separate issue which does not really depend on Musicbrainz:

Bug 126340 – genres should be case-insensitive

Case insensitive artist
Partly covered by the following "duplicate" bugs however there are examples of different bands whose names only differ in case (e.g. HiM and HIM). Using Musicbrainz may be worthwhile here.

Bug 119954 – RFE: Artist should not be case sensitive

Bug 127766 – Artist/Albulm name should be case insensitive.

Case insensitive album
Partly covered by the following "duplicate" bug, but I would argue that while making the artist case-insensitive may have bad side effects, it should be harmless for the album.

Bug 127766 – Artist/Albulm name should be case insensitive.


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