Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Searching by Genre & Browser View

>>>>> "P" == Peter   writes:


P> I generally have the browser view set to only show Artists &
P> Albums.  The search bar has buttons to restrict the search to All,
P> Artists, Albums and Tracks.  This is visually consistent.

P> However, it appears that when search is set to all, it also
P> searches the genre...

P> So, why isn't there a "Genre" search refinement button?  This would
P> also serve as a visual queue that the genre is searched when you
P> have selected search "All".

P> Alternatively, the search buttons and search fields could depend on
P> the option set for the Browser View (i.e. Album & Artist, Genre &
P> Artist, Genres, Artists & Albums) plus track titles.

Adding another button might make it a little busy, but it wouldn't be
a problem if the radio buttons were replaced with an Evolution-style
drop-down menu as discussed on:  (see the
screenshot attached to that bug).

P> Plus a related thought - I notice that I can set the Browser View
P> to be hidden for one source (e.g. main library) but visible for
P> another (e.g.  Jamendo).  This is nice - and useful to me because
P> the browser (with genre) is very helpful in exploring the Jamendo
P> offerings, while for my own library I don't use the browser at all.

P> I might like to have the browser show "Artist & Album" in the
P> library, but "Genre, Artist & Album" for Jamendo.  Does anyone else
P> thing this would be nice - or would it simple be confusing the
P> preference for a minority desire?

I think it would be useful for the type of browser to be able to be
set per source (rather than globally as it does at present).  iTunes
can do this, so I filed an enhancement request:


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