Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] adding songs to the queue in python

>>>>> "AZ" == Adam Zimmerman  writes:

AZ> Hi all, I'd like to write a small plugin that fills the play queue
AZ> with some random tracks. There's a method called
AZ> shell.add_to_queue, but when I call it with a URI nothing happens
AZ> (it just returns true). Is there a better way to do that, like
AZ> getting a reference to the queue, and adding entries directly to
AZ> it?

AZ> Once I've got that done, what would be the best way of choosing
AZ> tracks to add? I suppose I'd have to get a list of songs that were
AZ> in the library source (using a query on the db?) and pick a random
AZ> track from those.

AZ> I'm still finding it difficult to fully understand the way
AZ> rhythmbox works (haven't had to think about it since the summer
AZ> either), and any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Adam,

Two bugs of possible relevance here.  The first is a feature I started
working on to generate a playlist of random tracks with given criteria:

this requires some more support in the rhythmdb backend and James has
described on that bug what needs to be done.  Once that is in place,
it might be easier to use it via a Python plugin in creating a list of
tracks to add to the Play Queue.

The second is adding a plugin to approximate iTunes "Party Shuffle"
which sort of sounds like what you might be trying to do.

The "Party Shuffle" feature should be an additional source to the Play
Queue and not necessarily replace it, IMHO.


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