Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Source groups

В вт, 2007-02-27 в 17:24 -0500, William Jon McCann написа:
> Hi everyone,
> We just committed source groups support to SVN trunk.
> Besides looking pretty cool this has a number of benefits.
>   * gives plugins an extensible mechanism for adding groups (eg. "Stores")
>  * allows us to make it more obvious how the items in the source list
> are organized
>  * gives the user the ability to collapse groups when not needed (say
> hide Shared music if you aren't interested)
>  * allows for adding other (possibly non-music) types to the "Library" group
>   * potentially have ability to DND to group headers (for example to
> add a new playlist when there is no empty space on which to drop)
> Give it a try and let us know what you think.
> Thanks,
> Jon
Why are these new expanders themed differently than the rest of the gtk
programs? With darker themes, they are still light, and the worst part
is, the font color is assumed to be black, so it's not set. With darker
themes, where fonts are lighter, the labels of the expanders can't be

Another problem is that "Missing Files" and "Errors ..." are on the same
level as the music library? Why is that? No one cares enough about them
to warrant them being visible all the time. They should be moved back to
being children of the music library (preferably), or moved to a
different expander.

my 2rants

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