[Rhythmbox-devel] rhythmbox rules

Hi all,

i just have to mention: Rythombox rules !!

I've been around searching for a cewl app for serving my about 100meg
sized song collection. And while trying the one and the other, the
pretty and the ugly i must mention, the biggest player around is the
default i've got with my ubuntu installation: Rythmbox

It's incredibly fast, easy to use, very failsafe in tag editing (damn,
have you ever tried to import mp3 from japanese people) :) and the most
important point: it's really fun especially at when it's important:
sharing your music with other like on parties or something else, most
important is: seeing those faces of windows and indeed apple guys/girls
if i enter a search text in this little search bar and get response in
nearly no time, and i've about 8000 songs in my collection :)

At least it saved my soul as it allowed me to mix all those crumled up
tags, which have been indeed cause by other tools like aTunes, amarok or
all other big players around there.

Uh ok, i'm feeling better now just after releasing my soul in here.

The last thing is, that i really tried to find a HT/FAQ for leaving some
donation for that really great work.

And after all that much of text, this is the only question i have. Is
there a legal and really honest way to honour your work in a monitary
way ? If not, is there something else i could do, to help keeping this
great project heart beating ?

Please let me know (preffered directly as i'm not on here regulatily).

Kind regards

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