[Rhythmbox-devel] What is the most popular album in my collection?

I was wondering what my most listened to album was in my collection. (In
amount of time listened to). But I found no easy way to display that
statistic. Instead, my most popular song is easy to show simply by
sorting in that specific column.

There's probably lots of interesting statistics that can be gathered
from your listening habits. It would be nice if rhythmbox could display
some of those statistics.

What kind of information could rhythmbox show right now, and what kind
of extra information would people be interested in?

I've made a bugreport for an enhancement request. 

But perhaps people here on the mailing list have ideas on this too. I'll
add anything mentioned here on the list to the bug for reference.

Thank you for listening.

Tino Meinen

(By the way, rhythmbox is really fantastic. I've tried at least six
other players, but rhythbox rises head and shoulders above the others in
my opinion)

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