[Rhythmbox-devel] party mode and rhythmbox as a screensaver


I am not sure if it is a bug. I'll file a bug if it is. In party mode,
I cannot switch windows or workspaces. But I still can launch
applications via Alt-F1 (to show up gnome menus) and choose whatever I
want to launch. I highly suspect it's a bug though, is it?

Also another thing I'd like to request another plugin. I sometimes
leave my computer playing songs while I do something else. After a
while screensaver gets activated. However if I find rhythmbox is
playing a track I don't like, I cannot use multimedia keys to skip the
track without having to unlock the screensaver. That's kind of
annoying. I suggest to make a plugin that, when rhythmbox is playing
song, it would turn rhythmbox to party mode after a period (preferably
use settings from gnome-screensaver) to take over screensaver role.


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