Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox Library Location

>>>>> "GE" == Greg Eden  writes:

GE> I am sure many others have asked, but why is there only one
GE> "Library Location". I prefer to keep my downloads separate from my
GE> CD rips for backup purposes, but Rhythmbox can only watch one
GE> Library. Amarok, Songbird and Exhaile can all watch multiple
GE> libraries.

There is support for multiple library locations.  The only problem is
that you can't set multiple directories from within the UI at the
moment, you need to edit the gconf key to add multiple directories
using gconf-editor, I think the key is:


see:  There may also be some old patches
to implement a UI floating around on bugzilla somewhere.

I'm not sure whether "watch library" works on more than the first item
in the list, however.


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