Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Exporting iTunes metadata to Rhythmbox

>>>>> "C" == Creap   writes:

C> Hi!  Having used iTunes on Windows for several years, I've
C> collected alot of metadata about my music library. This includes
C> most importantly track ratings, but also play count &
C> last-play-date. Since switching to Ubuntu I've been trying out alot
C> of media players, but Rhythmbox is the one I find keeps most of the
C> iTunes features I want but still is incredibly fast & unbloated.
C> However, I haven't found any scripts or attempts to export iTunes
C> metadata to a Rhythmbox database, while there are plugins for at
C> least Banshee & Amarok (neither of which I'd prefer to use). I'm
C> sure alot of other people would be interested in a script like this
C> too!

Indeed, you're not the first, it's been a feature request since 2004:

The trick is actually find somebody to do it and it hasn't been a high
priority for the developers mainly because it's complicated, probably
wouldn't work 100% of the time and takes time away from developing
more exciting features... ;)  

Ideally it would probably be done as a plugin or some kind.


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