[Rhythmbox-devel] Exporting iTunes metadata to Rhythmbox


Having used iTunes on Windows for several years, I've collected alot of metadata about my music library. This includes most importantly track ratings, but also play count & last-play-date. Since switching to Ubuntu I've been trying out alot of media players, but Rhythmbox is the one I find keeps most of the iTunes features I want but still is incredibly fast & unbloated. However, I haven't found any scripts or attempts to export iTunes metadata to a Rhythmbox database, while there are plugins for at least Banshee & Amarok (neither of which I'd prefer to use). I'm sure alot of other people would be interested in a script like this too!

Having basicly no programming skills whatsoever, but understanding the basic principles about XML, I think it shouldn't be very complicated making a script of some sort exporting some data from the iTunes XML into a Rhythmbox database. Here are some examples of track metadata in an iTunes XML database file:

 <key>Track ID</key><integer>15450</integer>
 <key>Artist</key><string>The Congos</string>
 <key>Album</key><string>Heart of the Congos</string>
 <key>Total Time</key><integer>364800</integer>
 <key>Date Modified</key><date>2006-03-23T10:06:40Z</date>
 <key>Date Added</key><date>2006-02-20T16:26:01Z</date>
 <key>Play Count</key><integer>8</integer>
 <key>Play Date</key><integer>3241952975</integer>
 <key>Play Date UTC</key><date>2006-09-24T13:29:35Z</date>
 <key>Location</key><string> file://localhost/B:/music/Congos,%20The/The%20Congos%20--%20Heart%20of%20the%20Congos%20(disc%201)/01%20-%20The%20Congos%20--%20Fisherman.mp3</string>
(omitted: Genre, Disc/Track No, Year, Bit/Sample Rate, etc...)
(Rating: 100 = 5 stars, 80 = 4 stars, etc)

So, given the similiarities to the rmbdb, wouldn't it be quite easy simply comparing either the Location string or perhaps Title + Time or something, entering this into a rmbdb where you've already imported the same music..? If someone feels inclined to give it a shot, I'd be glad to supply you with database files for testing.

This email might come off a bit "demanding" which in no means is my intent, but I kept down on the praise & kind words to save your mailboxes.. :P
I'm sorry if there's already something similar to this, but I really couldn't find it anywhere.

Creap (creap0 gmail com)

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