[Rhythmbox-devel] Keywords (aka categories or tags) in Rhythmbox

G'day everyone,

Recently I did most of the backend work required to support Keywords (or
category, or "web 2.0"-style tags" in Rhythmbox - which can be found
attached to bug 324540. Using this you can have tracks marked as "jazz",
"bloody awesome", "copy to my ipod" or "I should delete this track", and
use the presence (or non-presence) of keywords as criteria for automatic
playlists. In the future we'll probably be able to tag artists and
albums too.

Much more important than the backend (which is relatively simple) is how
we want to present this to the user. Quickly and easily being able to
add tags to tracks, and see what tags a track already has, will be vital
to the usability of this otherwise cool feature.

I have a couple of ideas myself, but I'm much more interested in what
ideas everyone else can come up with. Any mockups, or written ideas,
that people have would be great to hear about - so we can discuss them
and figure out some really cool UI for this.

Also, this will probably let us implement a few other features. The
keywords don't have to be user-visible, so we could have hidden keywords
for "copy this to my audio player when it's next plugged in", "never
play this track randomly", or "I'm ashamed I listen to this, so don't
submit it to last.fm".



James "Doc" Livingston
Brown's Theorem (Physics III student, USyd):
  "The only thing that behaves like a billiard ball, is a billiard ball"

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