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On Dec 25, 2007 2:28 AM, Andrew Conkling <andrew conkling gmail com> wrote:
I'm currently working on a Python plugin (to stop after the current song), and I'd like to add a menu item to the Control menu. Is that possible?

Check the Python Console plugin, it does waht you want (it creates a new menu there, but you can specify an existing menu and it will merge your item with the defaults)

Also, is there any index of signals/events/etc.? I've been culling from other plugins, and fun as that is, I'm wondering what actions are possible, beyond what are in use.

You can always use the Python console to check what is availiable. You can start with the shell variable, using the dir(shell) function or the "print shell.__doc__", the __doc__ property has a list of signals/properties of the shell. The shell has a props property which you can access the properties named in __doc__.  You can use dir and __doc__ on any object you want, try using on the objects in shell.props
Oh, and another question: Is there a way and/or some examples to create a query? I'm thinking of a "stats" plugin and I'd like to start playing with the database. BWA HA HA.

Sorry, I know it is possible but I have never used this myself, maybe someone else can help?

Andrew Conkling

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