[Rhythmbox-devel] PSP Support In Rhythmbox

Hi there,

I was testing the PSP support in rhythmbox, and I found a problem with
it. When I copy to my PSP a file to it via rhythmbox, it gets copied
into the folder /MUSIC/PSP/MUSIC, because the rhythmbox PSP plugin
appends MUSIC to the path and then HAL appends PSP/MUSIC from the
audio_folders option found in

Now I can think of two fixes for this, so I would like which one you
think is better.
1) Remove the audio_folders option from HAL and leave the rhythmbox
plugin to handle it.

2) Remove the function in rhythmbox that determines the media_uri, and
leave everything to be handled by HAL.

I prefer fix #2, because it does not involve the HAL team and so
affects less projects. I got it working, but then there is a new
problem. rhythmbox displays all the other folders in the root of my
memory stick. I am guessing that this has to do with the fact that the
playlists are loaded without adding the HAL audio_folders option. I
noticed that there is a playlist_path option in HAL too, and rhythmbox
implements it. But I am not sure how it works, would it fix this 2nd

Also there is a one more minor problem with PSP support that I would
like to help fix. First of all, I noticed that rhythmbox also copies
the music file into artist/album/song.mp3. However PSP only looks one
folder deep, so it won't detect the song. Is there a way to change
this option? I tried changing the Library Structure option to
"Artist", but that had no effect.

I can implement the fix and then send you the complete patch. I am
just writing the email to make sure that I won't violate any of
rhythbox's intended design and get your suggestions.
Karol Krizka

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