Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Replaygain?

Grant wrote:
I've been told that rhythmbox supports replaygain but my tracks are
obviously being played at different output levels.  Does it really
work? Where is the info stored?

As far as I know, Rhythmbox will not add any replaygain data to the files on its own so you have to do that with some other tools such as vorbisgain. Rhythmbox should make use of the data if it is present, though.

It works at least according to my experience with the traditional playback engine. I'm not completely sure about the crossfading engine but, according to my ears, that also seems to work.

Also note that, if I remember correctly, Rhythmbox uses album gain instead of per-track gain if both tags are present. This means that there will still be differences between quiet tracks and loud tracks but the differences between different albums should be leveled.

My knowledge on this may be a little outdated, though, so if someone else has more current information, please correct me.


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