Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Layout Ideas 2 (specific UI details, mockups, etc)

On Sunday, 9 December 2007, Alexandre wrote:
> I like some of your ideas, but some seem to be a step back.
> Search, for instance, I love the way RB is now. I dont need to click a
> button, I dont have to think about popup interaction, it's just always
> there when I need it. Maybe the filter buttons could be agrouped into a
> popup, but that would be really annoying if you need them often (I dont
> need them, but someone might)

How about having a simple arrow button next to the search field that, when 
clicked, slides out the current-style filter buttons and remembers the state? 
that way, the people that love the buttons will have them and those that 
consider them UI clutter can get rid of them.

> In the control buttons, the history thing in the next/back buttons is just
> a horrible idea. This is not a browser, you dont need a quick jump sort of
> button. I like the way iTunes and Amarok fade played items in a playlist,
> but RB doesnt have a playlist the way they do, which is great, but has it's
> shortcomings. One way to improve it is to have the play queue show the last
> played item, but that might be confusing.

I like the idea of having a readibly available history, but i do agree that 
the UI for it seems unintuitive. the downpointing arrows are cluttery, and 
click-and-hold (the way the history buttons work in opera) would conflict 
with the combined skip/search functionality, which seems to make sense, too. 
I do have a 'recently played tracks' automatic playlist, which does the work 
in most cases for going back and if you really want to skip ahead, the 
probably easiest (and most thorough) way is to open the currently playing 
source (jump to current song) and double-click where you want to go. As for 
graying out, how about setting a threshhold (defaulting to 12hrs or 
something) for graying out (slightly) all tracks in all sources that have a 
last-played time within that threshhold

> In most players the controls button have moved to the center (WMP, iTunes,
> Amarok2), which is a great improvement. Maybe RB could do the same?
> And I dont really like separate buttons for Play/Pause. It could change to
> Pause when Playing to become clearer. But one of the best things in RB is
> the Play button.

Moving the buttons to the center would reduce the space available for track 
info display, at least if you want to split up title, artist and album to a 
multiline layout, which I like, by the way. I especially like the idea of 
moving the album artwork into the 'now playing' area, maybe with a 
hover-popup containing a larger version of the artwork. I find artwork 
intuitive and like to display it, but it greatly reduces the number of 
entries visible in the source list on my widescreen monitor.

Anyway, I thought I'd add my two cents. 

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