[Rhythmbox-devel] plugin questions

Hi folks,

I'm planning on writing a plugin for Rhythmbox for importing iTunes
data.  I'm aware some solutions exist already, but they are not plugins
and I think this will be a great exercise for learning some Python since
I've recently switched to Rhythmbox as my primary music listening app,
but I've got a ton of metadata stored in my iTunes XML file and I think
plenty of people are in the same boat.  I've got a few questions though.

If anyone can give me pointers on the following, I'd really appreciate
it.  A lot of this stuff is missing from the plugin writing guide, and
since I also enjoy writing documentation I'd be more than happy to add
it so more people can start writing great plugins for Rhythmbox.

1. I need to know how and/or if it's possible to set Rating, Play Count
and Last Played info using the API.

2. I need to know how and/or if it's possible to create playlists and
add songs to them.

3. If anyone could point me at a good sample plugin that can show me how
to do UI stuff (I need a file browser or at least a text box and a
couple checkboxes and buttons in the configure dialog, and hopefully a
pop-up progress bar or two) I'd really appreciate it.  This entire
section in the guide simply says "TODO."

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate any information folks can give me so I
can get started.  I already have the very basic parsing code done (it's
very simple using cElementTree).  BTW, the code I have now is in Python
2.5, is there any problem with that?  2.5 includes cElementTree out of
the box, 2.4 would have a dependency and require the package to be


-Gordon M.

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