Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] "Shuffle Playlist" feature

On Nov 30, 2007 12:35 AM, Ryan Hughes <ryan iheartryan com> wrote:
> Hi.  I'm trying to create a "shuffle playlist" feature.  The problem I've
> been having is that the only way to shuffle is to use the "Shuffle"
> feature, where you can't see what's coming up and you can't see what's
> just been played.  I want to just shuffle the playlist and then play
> straight through.

This sounds like a useful thing to have; one problem we see reported
every now and then is that the play queue ignores the shuffle/repeat
settings, and this was one possible solution I've suggested.

> Well:  I've got it to the point where you can right-click on a playlist
> and click shuffle.  The songs in the playlist are then shuffled and will
> play in their new order.  Everything is perfect, right?
> The problem is, if you then QUIT rhythmbox and then open it back up again,
> you'll find that the playlist is back to its original order, not in the
> new shuffled order.

Upgrade to 0.11.3. This was a bug I fixed a couple of months ago,
where we weren't properly checking if any playlists needed saving.

> Thanks.  I've included a patch against rhythmbox 0.11.2.  Hopefully, this
> feature will be considered for inclusion in future releases (that is, once
> it's done).

There's no reason it wouldn't be. Please use the existing code style,
though. That is, 8 space tabs, no C++ // comments, and spaces between
function names and their arguments.

Please attach your patch to bug 165863 in gnome bugzilla (which seems
like the most appropriate bug) so it's less likely to get lost, and to
make it easier to track further revisions as they come up.

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