Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] UTF-8 character set support


Konstantin Boyandin wrote:
> I have installed recently FC7 and found out that Rhythmbox can't
> properly display UTF-8 characters (I use Russian language), both in
> file names and in MP3 ID tags.
> First question: is this the player's problem?

Probably not. Russian characters in metadata have worked fine for me at least for as long as I've had such tracks in my library. I'm not sure if the filenames have Russian characters, too, but at least it works with other tracks with UTF-8 in both filenames and metadata (for example Greek and Japanese).

Someone mailed the list just recently about a problem with Japanese in the metadata, and apparently the problem was with the character encoding within the metadata. Are you sure your mp3 tags are really UTF-8 and that the MP3 files know that, too?


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