Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] help with bbc on rhythmbox please

On 2007-07-23, 10:13 GMT, nick stewart wrote:
>  I cannot find a URL for the BBC World Service, as required for 
>  Rhythmbox=

There are more live streams of BBC Worldservice than one, so here 
are the URLs.

> ! And will the world service play if i enter a url?

well, unfortuantely no gstreamer-based player will play you these 
streams (and don't even think about playing Windows Media streams 
-- they are using WMA 9 Voice, which is not supported by 
anything).  The problem is bug which is still 
not solved.

Unfortunately, your only choice now is mplayer (or -xine based 
player -- totem-xine could work, or if you compile rhythmbox 
yourself with xine support; apparently it is not packaged for 
Ubuntu either).


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