Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Problem storing podcasts on fat32 partition

Consider the situation with 2 enclosures,
<http://myserver/folder1/episode.ogg> and
<http://myserver/folder2/episode.ogg>. This will cause problems with the
file naming scheme. IMO, this can't really be properly solved by
anything less than a proper media database with UUIDs for system file
names and simply relying on a database of metadata for human lookups.
This is something that I don't think Rhythmbox wants to do any time
soon, though I have a lot of interest in the idea personally.

On Mon, 2007-04-30 at 12:25 -0400, Mat Lowery wrote:
> Relevant background information:
> * Ubuntu 7.04
> * Rhythmbox 0.10.0
> I recently installed Ubuntu 7.04 alongside a Windows XP installation.
> My podcasts were moved to a fat32 partition.  It appears that some
> characters (e.g. a colon) that appears in feed titles are illegal
> characters on the fat32 filesystem and therefore Rhythmbox fails to
> create the directory containing podcasts from that feed.  (I get the
> error when adding podcast feeds into Rhythmbox.)
> Specifically, this is a feed title that I believe contains illegal
> characters:
> Is this something that other users have run into?  If so, would it be
> worth converting illegal characters into legal characters?
> Thanks!
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