Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox and MTP support

Hi Lorenzo,

I've written a patch against rhythmbox that adds basic support for MTP
devices. The patch is attached to the bug-report at . At this point it's
quite useful and support most of the things you would expect it to, like
transferring songs and podcasts o the device, play and copy music from
the device, renaming the device etc. 

Unfortunately I don't have very much free time at my hands right now.
I'm graduation from high-school (swedish gymnasium) in the middle of
June, so the time I've to spend on the plug-in is very close to zero.
However if you would be interested to get involved and help out I would
appreciate it very much.

Peter Grundström <pete openfestis org>

On Sun, 2007-04-29 at 12:57 +0000, Lorenzo Frattini wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I just subscribed to this mailing list so, first of all, let me introduce
> myself: my name is Lorenzo, and I'm from Italy. I'm a student, even if
> at the moment, I'm working on my master thesis for getting my degree in
> "Computer Science Engineering for Web & Communication" at the
> Politecnico di Milano University (nothing related to the free software world, unfortunately)...
> The reason I'm writing you today, is that I'd like to have some
> information about the current state of support in Rhythmbox for MTP
> devices (such as Creative Zen portable players). As far as I know,
> Rhythmbox doesn't support such devices yet, and I think this is actually
> the last very-missing feature of this amazing piece of software you're
> giving to the World. 
> So here's the
>  question: is anybody working on MTP support for Rhythmbox?
> Has nothing ever been made and maybe left aside? Is anybody willing to
> start working on it?
> I've never contributed yet to any Free Software project, but this would
> be a nice place to try to start in my spare time (even if unfortunately
> is not that much :( 
> If you have any suggestion feel free to mail me back.
> Thank you in advance to all,
> Lorenzo
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