Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Video?

>>>>> "MRH" == Michael R Head  writes:


MRH> (apologies if you didn't want your reply to go to the list, but
MRH> it seemed like an oversight rather than by intention)

MRH> Currently that's what I do, too. I have a bunch of videos and I'm
MRH> more than happy to let totem handle these. It does a much better
MRH> job of playing full length shows. What's more, I don't want those
MRH> videos/shows/movies in my collection of music.

MRH> My concern (and the one that prompted me to resurrect this
MRH> thread) is mostly about video podcasts. There are one or two I'd
MRH> like to subscribe to, but it seems a bit weird to have two
MRH> applications for podcast downloading.

MRH> Also, it does seem to make sense that music videos could (and
MRH> should) be played along side regular video-less tracks.

MRH> Consider this scenario (at a party, say): I have a ton of
MRH> audio-only tracks as well as some music video tracks I've
MRH> collected over the years.  I'd like to play all my, say
MRH> "party-genred", tracks in a random loop through the night. I
MRH> switch on the visualizer which looks pretty cool, but when a
MRH> video comes on, it switches and starts playing the video feed (if
MRH> it can decode the stream, otherwise it just sticks to the
MRH> visualizer).

MRH> Wouldn't that be sweet and sensible?

Sounds sensible, ideas for implementation and patches welcome at:


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