[Rhythmbox-devel] ipod + last.fm

Hello everyone,

First of all, excellent work work on the latest incarnation of
Rhythmbox. Every now and then I get the urge to try out one of the
competing music player for gnome, and always end right back up w/
rhythmbox, thanks to its speed handling my large collection, and all its
nice new features. 

Speaking of features, here is something I have been wondering about for
a while now: Can we grab "last played" info from ipods etc? I listen to
most of my music on my ipod, be in during my nice long commute each day,
or while driving, I'd say 80-90% of my listening is via the ipod. Now, I
know it stores the play count and last played date (Rhythmbox will even
show this if you enable those columns). Unfortunately, the only
listening statistics that get pushed to last.fm are the few tracks I
listen to on my work/home pcs. 

Since the last.fm track submitting code is already in Rhythmbox, how
hard would it be to allow rhythmbox to submit ipods tracks as well? It
could do it be default, but I am sure there would be people who don't
want it, and I'm sure there could be problems figuring out what has been
played since the last "batch push" (we could maybe reset the play count
each time? or track ti locally, though i bet this would be ugly). Or, it
could offer last.fm submission as an option when the user is viewing the
ipod source (maybe next to "Eject"?) A dialog could  come up, showing
the tracks to be submitted, and asking for a confirmation, and maybe ask
if you want to reset play counts etc afterwards.

Its just and idea, and is something I'm willing to try to help on (my C
is rusty, however, my python is decent). Any one have any feedback?

Cheers, and go red sox,

Matt Nicholson

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