Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox debian package for ubuntu

Matthew Nicholson wrote:
the newest release is in edgy (6.10) and is compiled with all the norms
+ --enable-tag-writing --enable-track-transfer and --enable-ipod-writing

i might attempt a backport once i get a chance (maybe monday at work?)
otherwise just file a backports request, or compile it. most of the
build deps, if not all should be easy to deal with.

FYI, there is a (stalled?) request for the backport to Ubuntu Dapper (6.06) is here:

There is also this thread about building your own package:

Personally, I've just downloaded rb 0.9.5 source and built it myself on the 64bit Ubuntu Dapper and apart from a seemingly never ending list of dependencies, that seems to have gone smoothly.


[see what its complaining about missing, install it and the *-dev package, repeat]

make check
sudo make install

This replaces rb 0.9.3 which would regularly tie up one core at 100% CPU usage... if the problem persists on 0.9.5 then I'll file a bug.


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