Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] control+space conflict with xim hot key

On 9/16/06, Jack Tse <semson_tse yahoo com hk> wrote:

hi devs, i know rhythmbox uses control+space hot key for playing/pausing.
however we east asia users traditionally (since win95 i guess) use this for
toggling input methods. any chance can you devs change to a altertive hot
key? say control+p :) otherwise we will have big problem when entering text
into the search field -- rhythmbox pause instead of calling out local input

You can change the hot key by highlighting Play/Pause in the menu and
pressing a different one.  This configuration can be set in System >
Preferences > Menus and Toolbars by checking "Editable menu
accelerators".  A very handy feature.

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