[Rhythmbox-devel] Couldn't RB be more DAAP friendly?


I just installed RB 0.9.6, and it's great. I don't know if it's
related to this particular release or due to some gstreamer
improvement, but I particularly appreciate the fact that seeking
inside DAAP served songs now works flowlessly. Many thanks to all
contriibutors !

Speaking of DAAP, I think RB could be more DAAP friendly. Having
multiple computers at home will become more and more usual, so I guess
that situations where one don't store any local library at all will
become more frequent. In this case, I notice that RB loses some
features or some become complicated to use:

* playlists (can't put remote songs in them)
* iPod writing (can't drag directly from daap to ipod, need to first
copy to the local library)
* tagging (obviously not a RB problem, would need improvement of daap
protocol itself. Last time I checked the firefly developpers were
thinking about this)


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